Frequently Asked Questions

Will SoluCGI work on MacOS or Office Online

Sorry. SoluCGI is for Windows / desktop Excel only.

Can I prepare playlists without the Add-In

Absolutely. SoluCGI has been used like this when musicians prepare lyrics for sing-along broadcasts. SoluCGI has also been used in a workflow where producer prepares content in cloud using google docs and operators just download the spreadsheet and run the graphics.

How does one create templates?

You can create templates in HTML or in Flash. Have a look at the sample package in Getting started. You can also contact info@maistidigital if you require professional help.

You will also find tutorials on youtube.

How to make a basic dynamic text flash template in Animate CC - CasparCG Tutorial by Geert Verhoeff

HTML Template made easy by Olle Soprani

and more information on the casparCG wiki pages.

naming convention

Keep the field names as f0, f1, f2 etc. for your templates to be compatible with SoluCGI.